Asia's chocolate market is booming and numerous players are jostling for a share of the growing pie. Using Lin Worldwide's proprietary database, we screened thousands of companies to highlight a few names and their recent developments.

Chocolate imports have doubled by volume and value over the past decade. Significant potential for chocolate consumption to grow however localization is crucial.

Chocolate imports have grown at mid single digit CAGR over the past decade. With per capita chocolate consumption at a very low level in India, there is plenty of room for growth.

Indonesia's chocolate imports have almost doubled over the decade through 2021. Potential opportunities in premium chocolate segment as incomes rise. 

India's candle imports more than doubled over the past decade. Opportunities include naturally scented candles, as well as gifting opportunities. 

Fine jewelry demand is slowing near term due to inflation and rising interest rates. 

Chocolate consumption is growing in Malaysia but low per capita chocolate consumption, rising incomes, and a favorable regulatory environment could drive further market growth.

Luxury spending in India is booming and prospects are potentially stellar with the number of millionaires on the rise on the back of a strong economy. 

Growing awareness of Ceylon cinnamon's therapeutic benefits, particularly over its cheaper cousin cassia, is spurring demand worldwide.